The portal provides a database containing all flags of the world countries - so that becomes a kind of educational catalogue in which you can find not only the patterns of the flag but also some short additional information referred to particular countries.

Random flags

Why is it worth to search flags on this website?

Simple and efficient search

Intuitive operation and the readability of the website become one of the basic features characterising discussed portal.Searching for flags can be performed according to individual preferences - in the alphabetical index, through the division into continents or via the script enabling enter the searched country. Thanks to the many alternatives, every website user will find preferred flag in the fast and efficient way

Not only flags - short note about every country

Additional information appearing in the description attached to flags make, that this base becomes a source of basic knowledge about every country. Each flag is presented in a clear way with keeping the high visual quality.
Moreover, it is described under the photo, referred to its symbol and the meaning of particular elements. It seems that the discussed portal is interesting and intriguing position within similar websites.